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    Orcs Battle slot

    The Orcs Battle Slot Game The Orcs Battle slot game is a creation of Genesis Studios. It is most well known for its professionally created theme, which borrows heavily from Warcraft games, and the well known Lord of The Rings universe. Orcs, of course, were first read about in the Lord of the Rings books, and only later adopted by Blizzard to create the Warcraft games. The Orcs Battle slot game seems to have taken its inspiration more from the Warcraft adaptation of what an Orc is; a green tusked ogre that enjoys fighting. As far as graphics and sound go the Orcs Battle slot game is clearly the work…

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    Lucky Rabbit Loot slot

    The Lucky Rabbit Loot Slot Game The Lucky Rabbit Loot slot game is brought to you by Genesis Studios. It is most well known for having a highly unique and outstanding visual design. The symbol artwork is all simplistic in nature, appearing to have been down with coloured pencils, but each picture is so charming in nature, and clearly created with such love, that the player is all but guaranteed to be delighted. A rabbit is the central reoccurring theme, hence the name Lucky Rabbit Loot, and it won’t be long before the furry critter has found his way into the player’s heart. In the game play department the Lucky…

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    Gothic Slot

    The Gothic Slot Game The Gothic Slot Game is a creation of Genesis Studios. It stands apart for having an especially dark theme, centred on characters that seem to embrace the gloomy atmosphere. The male character, gazing at the player with piercing blue eyes, isn’t outright stated as being a vampire, but questions are raised about what exactly the red liquid in his wine glass might be. His female counterpart likewise has a blood sucker vibe about her, but neither of the two characters are proudly displaying pointed canines, so the situation is up for debate. In general the graphics in the Gothic Slot game are good, with detailed, high…

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    Disco Night Fright slot

    Disco Night Fright Slot Game The Disco Night Fright slot game is brought to you by Genesis Studios. It is known for its very unusual theme, which involves both iconic symbols from the disco era, as well as having a startling twist that has caught many players completely off guard. In the visuals department the game’s graphics are decent, but by no means on the same level as more advanced modern slot games. It is the game’s unique twists, however, that makes it a worthwhile play experience for both veteran and beginner slot game players. We’ll get to the twist later. Those who are familiar with disco fashion are in…

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    Carnival Royale slot

    The Carnival Royale Slot Game The Carnival Royale slot game, created by Genesis Studios, is a journey into years gone by. Carnivals and circuses are not as popular as they once were, which is a bit of a shame, and the Carnival Royale slot game aims to shuttle you back to the early days of carnivals. The days when strong men were still expected to have elaborate moustaches. The graphics in the game are generally well done, presented in high resolution and bursting with intricate detail. There is not much in the way of animation, which is all but expected in a modern online endeavour, but the Carnival Royale slot…

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    Supernova Online Slot Supernova is an online slot game, featuring a space themed based on exploding stars. This slot game by Quickspin games features a unique reel setup with 27 pay lines that players can activate. There are only six symbols, excluding the wild symbol that appears on the reels so wins can come fast and often. There are three reels that appear on the screen that the 27 pay lines are spread across. Players can activate the pay lines with coins. Each coin can have its wager value adjusted. Wagers start off at 0.20. You can raise the coin values for a maximum wager of 50 per spin. There…

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    Super Multitimes Progressive

    Super Multitimes Progressive Online Slot Super Multitimes Progressive is a 5 reel slot game by iSoftBet. It features the design elements of classic mechanical fruit machines. It has a simple reel and pay line layout that is simple to understand and fun to play. Players get access to a three tiered progressive jackpot and unique multiplying wilds as well as free spins. Super Multitimes Progressive Wagers In Super Multitimes Progressive players activate the in game pay lines with coins that can be worth between 1 and 5 per coin. Players can wager any value between 1 and 5 on the pay lines, but in order to be eligible for the…

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    Superman Slot Alternatives

    Superman Slot Alternatives Superman Slot Alternatives are available online right now. Superman is one of the most popular and easily recognisable comic book characters of all time. Many companies have made online slot games either based on the character, the comic book or one of the numerous films about him. Below are a few examples of some of the best Superman Slot Alternatives that can be found at online or live casinos right now. Superman Slot Alternatives By Cryptologic Superman Slot Alternatives start with Superman by Cryptologic. This online slot game feature 5 reels and 50 pay lines to activate. The jackpot offers players 10 000 x their wager as…

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    Superman Aristocrat Slot

    Superman Aristocrat Slot Superman Aristocrat Slot is a video slot game developed by the iconic Australian based slot company. This video slot is exclusive to live casinos in Australia. It has never received an online slot conversion so if you want to play this slot game you will need to travel to a land based casino in Australia. Superman Aristocrat Slot Cabinet Design Superman Aristocrat Slot is instantly recognizable on the casino floor due to its eye catching cabinet design. It evokes all the fun and excitement from the superman comic book. This is what makes this Superman slot game unique, as it focuses on the classic Superman elements, rather…

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    Super Lucky Reels

    Super Lucky Reels Online Slot Super Lucky Reels is an online slot game styled after the classic mechanical fruit machines of yesteryear. It is developed and released by iSoftBet and it has a very unique reel setup. Players get 3 reels that they can spin to land winning combinations, but there are an additional 2 reels that can add more winning potential during game play on the right hand side of the reels. The green reel awards instant coin pay outs while the red reel adds win multipliers. To activate these two extra Super Lucky Reels, players will need to wager 10 to 15 coins to activate the green reels…

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